About Beerbird

My Story

Which came first – the chicken or the egg? I have absolutely no idea, but I do know that I emerged from my shell and was hatched in South Africa in 2006. As a chick, I pecked around the coop looking for feed and often burned my feathers as I explored my little universe. In those days, quality food and fun times were rarer than hen’s teeth, and I made a conscious decision to change that when I got older. My teenage years saw me hanging out with a few bad eggs and I got involved in a few cock and bull activities like any typical broiler. Although I was a bit cock sure of myself, I often had my feathers ruffled as I vied for the attention of the chicks. I also did odd jobs to scratch out a living, but these paid chicken feed and I quickly became disillusioned. Once my comb had fully developed and my spurs had reached an optimal length, I decided to fly the coop and venture out into the world. I didn’t have a nest egg, so I had to get busy and fast. Being a bit of a social bird who had always enjoyed entertaining and having a good time, I set about starting a business which would incorporate my passions. My first product, believe it or not, was the Beerbird Single Grid for cooking a chicken with a beer inside it! Bizarre, I know, but there really is no better way to cook a chicken while ensuring that the meat stays juicy and succulent.

Being a clever cock and not wanting to foul up my initial success with the Beerbird Single Grid, I went on to develop the Beerbird Double Grid, and the Beerbread Loaf Pan. Not content with just having a few products to crow about, I set about scratching around for new and innovative products that would enhance any social gathering that involved food and good times. I have recently introduced the Beerbird Meatloaf Pan, the Beerbird Potjie Multitool and the Beerbird Braai Apron.

Spurred on by how my products have moved up the pecking order in the major retailers in South Africa, and not wanting to have my wings clipped in terms of expansion, I decided to share my innovative products with the rest of the world. I have since spread my wings and now have a few international distributors supplying my products in various countries around the globe.

As I have already mentioned, I love entertaining family and friends and having a good time. My mission is simple: find innovative quality products that make good times great, and share them with the rest of the world.

When I started out, I couldn’t even scratch together a scrambled egg! Now, after using my own easy-to-follow recipe books and experimenting with my different products, I am an accomplished Rooster Chef proving that if I can do it, then anybody can. Don’t brood over it – enter my chicken coop and use some of my innovative products to make good times great for you, your family and your friends. Egg your mates on to get involved and let’s share our ideas and have some fun!


Beer Bird